Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sweet Child Of Mine

Rains have washed the haze away. The school year is drawing to a close. And it is only now that we realize what a sacrifice Matthew has been making ever since Sarah joined him at kindy. He confided to us last night that he actually prefers it when she doesn’t go (she’d stayed home sick recently), because then he gets to play with his friends during recess. Otherwise, she always wants him to sit by her. And he has been patiently complying all this time! I’m so proud of him, although my heart sort of broke to learn how he had been giving up his own fun just to accompany his little sister. Funny how much love and care they lavish on each other in school when they certainly get into tussles enough at home.

And when it comes to Sophie, oh boy. Matt’s voice goes all high-pitched and sugary sweet whenever he talks to her. “Sophie, you like kor-kor right? You like kor-kor? Chya! Chya! You’re a happy baby, right?” And he’ll squeeze the squeaky cow for her, snuggle his face in her tummy, hug her, kiss her, while Sophie chuckles and kicks and bangs her fists about.

I'd really better remember all these about Matthew whenever I feel inclined to come down on him like a ton of bricks for his minor misdemeanors. First kids have it so hard, sometimes. It also doesn’t help that he’s a boy and somehow boys just don’t get to get away with nearly as much as sweetsy little girls. I'd better remember all this.