Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Present

I should be so happy. I got a four-figure gift from my husband! It's the coolest thing, and rock solid.

To qualify, I had to investigate a smell of burning wires in the middle of the night before, help my husband pack our insulated picnic bag with partially defrosted food and wish him godspeed taking it over to my cousin's place on the day itself, give up all our ice cream, and drink up all the melted Ribena popsicles.

Post-gift services I performed include revisiting my cousin's place with said picnic bag to retrieve the food, and grocery shopping late into the night the next day to restock supplies. The two most important facts I established are that the gift WILL accomodate our favourite Dr. Oetker pizza and Ribena popsicle makers. Phew.