Monday, April 06, 2015

The Sleep Adventures of Andrew

This little boy is now too tall for his cot and so we have transitioned him to sleep on a mattress on the floor. He is rather younger than his older siblings when they did the same; he's not yet two.

The first day, at nap time, he didn't keep coming out of the room. Instead, he played quietly inside, taking all the clothes out of the wardrobe drawers, turning on the nightlight, fiddling with the toy kitchen set, and nobody knew. Helper found him sitting in the middle of a thrashed room, and Grandma helped fold back all the clothes while visiting us that afternoon.

Andrew particularly likes the wardrobe drawers, but he knows now that he is not to take the clothes out. So he merely keeps slamming them, if left alone and awake. The only thing is to stay in there with him until he falls asleep, and then creep quietly out. Sometimes I accidentally rattle the lock and he wakes up, so we have to start all over again, waiting for him to fall asleep once more. It's a very good time to pray the rosary!

The other morning, before sun up and when only our helper was awake and pottering about in the kitchen, she suddenly found Andrew there in the kitchen beside her! Quite a shock it was.

Another time, our helper had woken up and was on her way to the bathroom when she saw Andrew sitting quietly in the dark on a floor cushion in the living room. She led him to my room and I went back with him to lie down.

Once, in the middle of the night, I heard my bedroom door opening, followed by silence. I got up to investigate and found the door closed. Opening it, Andrew was standing outside in the dark corridor. I didn't feel like lying on the floor in his room, so I brought him to bed with me instead. I put him between his Daddy and me. Daddy was sleeping but suddenly sat up in the dark - he later told me Andrew was tickling him! Andrew also sat up, and to his Daddy he said, "Hullo!" We told him to lie down again and go to sleep, and he did.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Class 95 fm - "the best mix of music"

The girls are now Taylor Swift fans and Rachel was very happy to hear one of her songs on the radio in the car. This was followed by PM Dawn's "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss." After that, the DJ recited the usual Class 95fm tagline, "The Best Mix Of Music."

Rachel immediately went, 'It's not the best songs of music at all!"

She didn't like the PM Dawn song!

"Green" Building

I was quite excited to tell the children that I would be going for an excursion as part of my work, or what engineers call a technical visit. This would be to a "green" building that was built from 100% recycled materials, i.e., demolition rubble.

All of them were interested, and listened with attention. Rachel even asked, 'Is it light green or dark green?'

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


We were gathered for bedtime prayers, and Rachel asked, 'Why do we have parents?'

Matthew answered, 'So that you can be born!'

And Rachel added, 'And play with you, and buy toys.'

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Matthew went for a project meeting at a friends' place yesterday. They had planned it for 9am-6pm and he duly reached home at 7pm. I asked him what the project was, and he told me they baked butter cookies as practice for a Food & Nutrition (i.e. home econs) test, and also composed a song for Music class (or was it Lit, whatever). I thought it was pretty cool. Then it struck me - 9 hrs to do that? I'm no baker but I'm pretty sure it doesn't take more than an hour to make a batch of biscuits. Turns out he didn't previously mention that they had also scheduled in LOTS of time to play halo, minecraft, skylanders!

Monday, June 16, 2014

"In My Heart"

Rachel developed Kawasaki Disease a few months back, and that means having to have heart scans to make sure that there's no aneurysm of the coronary blood vessels. Apparently that happens, but luckily hers have been just within the acceptable range so far.

At her last scan, the screen was visible to her and she was looking intently at the black and white fuzzy images while the technician was moving the handpiece over her chest.

We were all watching when she suddenly asked, "Where's Jesus?"

Nobody knew what she was talking about.

Slowly, it dawned on me that she was looking for Jesus because we have always been telling her that Jesus is in her heart, and prior to the scan, I had explained to her that the ultrasound is to see inside her heart and check that everything is alright!

Bless the little one.

We did see a pulsating image that looked like a figure jumping up and down, so I told her that was him and she was very tickled. I'm convinced it was, too.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frozen Demand

Now that it's all the rage, Disney's Frozen merchandising has hit a huge supply shortfall and demand has consequently shot through the roof. A check on Amazon shows little girl Elsa costume dresses selling for a thousand US dollars apiece.

I remark to Sophie, "If it's going to cost so much, you might as well take the little girl to a tailor and have a dress custom made for her and it will fit perfectly and be of vastly superior quality. And it won't even cost a thousand dollars."

Sophie replies, "I know, right? Only problem is, I don't know any tailors."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not F-A-N?

Our nearly 5-year-old Rachel is now learning to put letters together to form words in school, and is coming along quite nicely. S asked her casually, "So how do you spell 'fan'?"

Rachel goes, "Don't ask me! You must think for yourself!"

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Poor boy. He is nearly a year old already and I have not yet written about his birth! Suffice to say, epidural rocks! Oh, and he was born on Wednesday 22 May 2013 at about 4 something am. (IIRC)

The day before that, I had taken leave for Rachel's dressing change under general anaesthesia, which was happening about once a week as this was shortly after her major operation to remove the bulk of her plexiform tumour. More about that another time. Well, I had been feeling mild contractions since that morning, that were slowly getting more regular as the day progressed, while I was at KKH with Rachel.

We finally went to the birthing hospital (Thomson Medical Centre) that night at about 11pm. After around an hour or so, I decided to take the plunge to give epidural a try. I asked for Dr Yvonne Lim, who was in NCC with me back in secondary school. She came quite promptly, and very quickly set up the epidural what-not and I was soon lying back in extreme comfort compared to the labours of the previous four kids.

A Dr Benjamin Tham delivered Andrew naturally when the time came, since my doctor Paul Tseng was away. After Andrew's head popped out, I had to push again to get his shoulders through. He weighed 3.46kg, about 300g heavier than expected. For some reason they all turn out larger then estimated. Dr Tham was going to discharge me that same day since I was all fine, no stitches needed, but I stayed two nights anyway, to just chill and get in as much pampering and sleep as I could before we got home and the fun began. And that was that!

Monday, January 06, 2014


Trying to encourage Rachel in Mandarin, I said to her, "Matthew is your ge-ge, Sarah and Sophie are your jie-jie, and Andrew is your di-di."

Sophie immediately corrected me, saying, "Andrew is not a di-di, he is a bao-bao!"