Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Pox! - Part II

Yes, this time it's Sophie. She wasn't yet born the last time it happened, and we stupidly forgot all about it afterwards, so she wasn't vaccinated.

At first we thought it was the dreaded Mouth Disease AGAIN, since she had a fever and was complaining of ulcers, plus a tiny liquid bubble on the corner of her lips. Then, the next day, I noticed that she had some small broken blisters on the side of her face and neck, and a couple on her chest, and one of them was also liquid filled! Alarm bells went off in my head - this was way beyond HFMD.

So, another trip to the doctor. We came back with antiviral tablets that seem to work quite well at halting the onslaught of spots - she has far fewer than the hundreds Matt had.

On the up side, we now have a legitimate reason not to take her with us to Universal Studios next Monday, compared to just telling her that she is still too short for most of the rides. She is quite the long-suffering little patient who accepts all her illnesses with amazing equanimity, totally unexpected given her usual chilli padi ways.

Oh, luckily, Rachel has been vaccinated. We're not THAT stupid!


justpassingby said...

Oh no! Poor Sophie! Fay's boy came down with it during our church camp, but they only realised it after we got back to Singapore... oops. Thankfully mine have all had it... Weirdly though, the boy had been vaccinated a good 10 yrs ago... but the doc said that the chx pox vacc has to be booster-ed every 6 years... so don't forget to follow up on the booster shots for Rachel.... *hugs*

justpassingby said...

Hmm, just read the first blog post... might wanna get Sarah vaccinated again... It's been 6 years.

Lillight said...

Sarah actually DID get the pox despite the vaccination, only hers (and mine and Consuelo's) was very very mild. So that should give all of us lifelong immunity. But yes Rachel should get the boosters. Thanks for the tip!