Friday, January 20, 2006

3, 2, 1, Zoo!

Matt informed us last night that his teacher told him he should bring his own pencil case containing 3 pencils, 2 erasers, and 1 ruler instead of using school stationery. I was skeptical about this since the school hadn't mentioned anything when he came up to K1 this year. I told him I'd check with his teacher. I called the school and the administrator told us that at K1, he's expected to be able to communicate certain messages himself, and indeed they're supposed to bring their own pencil case! I felt rather bad after that for doubting him. But also proud that he remembered every detail, right down to the fact that the 3 pencils should be six-sided ones. I went and bought the items just now. They're exactly the same as the ones I used when I was little! Maybe I should buy shares in Staedtler and Pentel.

As for Zoo Tycoon, we're all obsessed with it now. S and I take turns playing it late into the night fixing up our own zoos. We thought it was hard to put down because we only had the trial version at first, and couldn't save each game. However, now that we got the full version, it only opens up more options and we're getting even less sleep. Yikes. Matt can play it too, with just the littlest bit of help. Definitely recommended for great family and individual fun.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Pome-pome is a common Singaporean phrase for taking a bath, normally used with little children. I still haven't figured what language it originated from.

Matt saw S washing the dishes the other day and remarked, "Daddy, you're pome-pome-ing the plates right? You have to pome-pome the plates because they're dirty right, like I have to pome-pome when I'm dirty right?"

"Yes, Matt."

"Like pigs and lions also have to pome-pome right, because they get dirty?"

"Yes, Matt."

"But you cannot pome-pome clocks right, because they have electricity?"

"That's right!"