Friday, April 28, 2006

From the mouth of babes

Matt, he can't stop verbalising his thoughts. He recently brought up God again, asking, "How does God do things for us?" We discussed it for a while, explaining how God mostly acts through the other people He has placed in our lives, and sometimes even directly, like giving us nice sunny days when we ask for them. Somewhere along the way, he suddenly declared, "God went up to Heaven so that He can be with us all the time."

I was stunned. We didn't see it coming because it doesn't seem related to his original question. Almost gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, even now. How does a little boy not yet five arrive at a profound truth like this, on his own, with such complete faith and simplicity? Is the "Force" extra strong with this one?

The Bump

is not yet out. Less than a week to go! Hope she hangs in there until we've celebrated Matt's 5th birthday tomorrow, face paints and all. I don't want to miss it!

Like the rest of us, Sarah calls the bump Sophie. But I didn't know her true understanding of it until she saw a round cartoon daddy pig on TV and told me, "He has Sophie!" Oh dear. But she never forgets to kiss my tummy when we're all saying goodbye in the morning, following up in her tiny gleeful voice, "I kissed Sophie - so cute!!"

I'm still trying to decide if she means the "so cute" for herself, or the baby now.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Fat One, Skinny One, Two By Two

Sarah’s off! We had a good start on Thursday – she woke up early and finished her sandwich before we even left the house, Matt didn’t dilly dally getting ready, and for us habitual late comers, we even managed to arrive 5 min before school started! And with me driving the new car too, being extra careful not to scrape anything. Sean’s on reservist these two weeks. Poor Daddy, missed her first day.

I got a mild scare when some teachers at the car line said she should be there only 2 hours later! Apparently new N1 kids start off on half days. Good thing the administrator confirmed our exception. The little one happily trooped off to have her temperature taken without even looking back – I had to literally grab a goodbye out of her! Big brother had long disappeared among his friends already.

Apparently she cried today (second day) because she wanted me, at least that’s what Matt said the moment I got home. I can imagine – they start off high, but then realize it’s going to be a permanent arrangement! But no tears or protests when I asked her just now if she wanted to continue going to school. She actually said “yes”. Phew. So they’re both going to school together now, just like that. Matt actually declared on the first day when we were going to the car that he was very happy that Sarah’s coming with him. I thought that was so sweet of him.

I only have one regret – I forgot to take a photo of them in their uniforms on each of their first days!

As for the two of us inhabiting my this one body, hai, not so good. I don’t know what she’s really up to in there but since Wednesday night, walking has been killer for me. Full squats to sitting and standing in a both-feet-planted-on-the-floor manner are a breeze, but shifting just one leg or foot feels like my pelvis is being prised apart! The right leg especially. I’m bringing forward Monday’s gynae visit to tomorrow morning, the earliest possible already. Hope the doc has any solution other than a wheelchair. I honestly feel like I could really use it now. Thank God we have such a wonderful helper at home to do so many of the essential things, while I get what I can done in a painfully slow shuffle like an old woman with severe arthritis. This had all better be worth it.