Wednesday, June 07, 2006

She's home! Thank God.

After a week in hospital, we finally came home yesterday. We took Sophie to KKH around midnight last Tuesday when her temperature was over 38. They warded her immediately because of her age, and drew blood and spinal fluid and also tested her urine, to check for stuff like bacteria in her blood, meningitis and urinary tract infection. An IV was sited on her right wrist and antibiotics given intravenously even though the cause of fever was still unknown. Her temperature went up to 39-40 and stayed there for 3 days or so. They gave her panadol once a day and it would come down, but go back up again. One of her bacteria cultures came back positive and they took another blood sample to confirm. Because of the re-test, we had to stay another two days because the cultures take 48 hours to grow. It turned out negative. They even found that her potassium level was too high, and took another blood sample to check. This turned out to be a false positive, probably because the red blood cells broke and released extra potassium into the first sample.

Anyway, we first stayed in a B2+ ward with 4 other inpatients, but the visitors were really too much and we got no rest. Thankfully it turns out that Sean's company insurance covers so we moved to a single room. The nurses were so kind as to replace her big cagey cot with a regular hospital bed for me and a bassinet for Sophie. After two nights sitting up and nursing every 2 hours or so, it was a blessed relief to get to lie down. They came in to check her temperature every 2 hours, blood pressure every 4 hours, and give the iv antibiotics every 6 hours. Round the clock. We tried to get what sleep we could. Even in the single room, noisy visitors were still a problem because they hang around outside making noise. I had to come out and tell off a mother who was letting her toddler run around shouting, at 9:30pm! SO annoying.

Anyway, I still think the whole thing was viral because she came out in a rash after the fever went off, but they don't take chances with a baby this young, so she's now still on oral antibiotics until Sunday. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. We're just really thankful now that she's home. Her baptism and first month party have been moved to next month.

Good thing is, her jaundice seems to have disappeared and she's pinky now. But the cradle cap is still there, with rashes coming on and off. Can't wait for everything to settle down.