Friday, October 20, 2006


It's been nearly six months. She's started cereal. I'm still giving her "chance" - if she doesn't sleep through the night by 7 months I might consider doing something about it.

I've had some crashing news. Someone close to me has just found out she is seriously ill. The shocking thing is how far advanced it is and she's had no clue all this time. We're all praying and hoping for the best. She's young, and strong, so with God's grace everything will be all right. Please pray.

Paper C was really quite evil. I won't be surprised if I don't make it (again - what a bore). But we won't know until next April. In the meantime everything's hazy, in every sense of the word. I really miss our outdoor activities with the kids. No beach, no parks, no running, jumping, climbing... it's really too bad. I don't see why we can readily write off $1... billion... dollars... (here's where we bring the little finger up against the side of the mouth) in bad Shincorp shares, and why we can't just as readily pay $1... billion... dollars... (little finger again) to buy nifty little aeroplanes that scoop water from lakes and seas to put out forest fires. I think $1... billion... dollars... (ok you get the idea) can buy quite many aeroplanes. The Indonesian forests can't possibly put up a fight against such superior fire power.

Or I could just wash the car more often. That the ultimate raindance, if ever there was one.

Help us, God! We need all the showers (of blessings) we can possibly get here.