Monday, January 22, 2007


The end (see previous post) must have been a mirage. It's drifted out of sight today!

Sophie was a very enthusiastic nurser over the weekend and supply actually went up slightly. Argh!!! Feel very torn!!

Can't wait to end all the pumping hassle already. The logistical manouevrings involved sometimes equal a full military campaign in terms of strategical complexity.

But I also can't accept the idea of actually paying for milk if I still have it on tap, ready for free. Plus it's better quality. Who in their right minds would trade a free and perfect product for an expensive, inferior one??

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The end is in sight

Sophie's 8.5 months now.

True to form, nearing the 9mth stage, my supply is very slowly but clearly dipping. And recently she's wanting more than her usual 120ml per bottle feed.

Can't wait for supply to dip to less than one full feed per session - I'll feel peaceful about stopping pumping completely then, knowing it all happened naturally. But she'll continue nursing upon waking up and at bedtime.

Amazingly we've come all this way without having to open the tin of formula that's still sitting there. Despite all my worries and setbacks and occasional challenges like having to go for seminars and external meetings.

Guess it's the end of the first significant phase of her life.