Friday, April 13, 2007


I have resolved to say only good things. If I have nothing good to say, then I will say nothing. This is a piece of advice from someone I seriously RESPECT. I have been trying to follow it since last night, and amazingly, I actually feel better about myself already. I will not gripe even to my husband, who has been my sounding board all these YEARS. Don't know how he can stand it.

Truly. Being positive feels a lot more useful. It doesn't mean I can't think critically or come to a conclusion about something or someone that is less than glowing. But there's a great deal of sense in the adage "least said soonest mended". Granted some things need to be openly discussed in a civilised way to resolve problems. But griping and whining and bitching (oh they come all so easily to me) honestly don't get anything anywhere.

Positive. Constructive. Succint. Succint because we've been reading Mr. Chatterbox with the kids and it occured to me that I really blather on too much and annoy people no end, except they're too nice to tell me so directly. I don't have a magic hat to shut me up so I'm going to have to just zip it myself.