Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I like May.

Before that, I sort of have to explain the kids' ages but from early May on I can simply say they're six, four, and one. One! Gosh. But Sophie is still such a baby! All chubby and soft and gurgly. But she can wave and say bye-bye, goes "Mmah!" when she wants a bottle, and claps her hands when you say "Good girl!". She cruises and stands by herself sometimes. She has also mastered opening all sorts of screw-top containers - including her milk bottle (slosh). One of her favourite activities is conducting a rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars". She opens and closes a pudgy little hand at any one of us, and that one will sing a line. She does this going from person to person and has got us all well-trained to her cues, including big brother and sister! They're such sweeties to oblige.

Oh and May is also the month of Mary, flowers, spring/summer (my colours), public holidays...

I hope I won't change my mind about May next year. It's traditionally exam month and the 6-year-old will be in Primary 1 then. Or don't they have mid-year exams in P1 anymore? I've heard this depends on the school. We're still mulling over where to put Matt. Besides following in his Dad's footsteps, there are a few boys' schools nearer our place, and the option of homeschooling. We'll have to decide in July. And January will come around in no time. Oh dear. I don't think I'm ready to have him go to primary school at all! I can't wake up that early in the mornings!!