Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back again.

I HAVE to just say, it was a very full 4 weeks we had with Consuelo gone home to the Philippines.

Some of the more memorable moments would include Sean being home with the kids, reasoning with a crying Sarah refusing to go to school and Sophie taking the chance to get hold of Sarah's mug of chocolate milk and, yes, sloshing it all over our cream-coloured sofa and low table, dripping into the basket of toys below.

Another would be yesterday (last day) -'s slapfest: Sarah was whining and I promised her I would smack her cheek if she whined again and of course she did and of course I smacked and this went on for 3 or 4 smacks until I stormed off steaming, with Sophie in my arms the whole time. Then Sarah let out another whine, whereupon Sophie promptly struggled out of my arms and toddled back to Sarah and delivered her a smack, her little arm stretched up high in order to reach Sarah's face. I watched with horror at the instant replay of the example I had so definitively set in the last few seconds!

We have all made up lovingly of course. But no thanks for any repeat of such experiences.

And I still think Sean should have taken a roll of red carpet and a dozen leis to the airport to welcome Consuelo back at 1 a.m. last night.

Says Ah Kong...

We were at my parents' place when "Alien vs Predator" started showing on TV. 4-year-old Sarah expressed some fears.

Not wanting to change the channel, my Dad told her, "Oh, this is 'Predator vs Alien'. Not frightening! There are only some aliens, and monsters. Anyway, you can't see anything because the whole show is all very dark! OK?"