Monday, February 09, 2009

How Sarah sometimes sees the world

Sarah saw me throwing away boxes of candy from the cupboard and asked me why I was doing it.

"They're already expired, Sarah. You can't keep them for one year."

"Hu-uh? Then what about our baby when she's one year old? Can we still keep her?"


We were sitting in church one day and I turned the hymn book to a page that had a nice song for Sarah to try reading by herself. She seemed very absorbed. Curious to know if she was really reading, I asked her to whisper the words to me.

She started softly, and I was impressed! All went very well until she came to the refrain and continued aloud,

"Avenue, avenue, avenue Maria."

I had a very hard time trying to be as quiet as a mouse while explaining to her that "Ave" didn't stand for "avenue" in this case.


When traffic is clear, Sean likes driving briskly on the extreme right lane of the expressways. Along some stretches, the plants grow lush and tall. It feels especially cool and tropical when they're bank after bank of large wavy palms.

As the cars swish by ahead of us, the little vacuums they create "pull" the palm fronds right into the lane with a rippling effect. None of us were particularly paying any attention to this until Sarah said,

"Look, it's like the plants are cheering who's first!"

And then we realized it really did look like the spectator plants were waving us towards a chequered flag.