Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sophie and School

She's started! Pre-nursery, 8:30-noon. It's the same school that Sarah has been going to since last year but Sophie says, "Jie jie is going to my school."

Unfortunately she's still crying. I know it's only the first week, but it's ridiculous - she's crying because she doesn't want to come home! She cries either at school when she has to leave, or in the school bus all the way back. But in the mornings she happily sets off together with Sarah.

Her reason being: Sarah gets to stay on for lunch and afternoon enrichment activities like art, gym, speech and drama, while she has to go home for her lunch and nap. Actually we'd be very happy for her to stay on too, but the afternoon activities are only for the K1 and K2 kids.

Oh well. I'm just praying she'll be happy and learn lots and expend her energy there, and not clobber anyone. Yes, she's that kind. Even the gynae, when she came with us for one of baby's routine checks, commented that she seems the chilli padi sort. Oh dear!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"You wait, OK?"

Sophie has this thing where she'll sort of pump a chubby little high-five hand at people and tell them "You wait, OK?", before running off to get something that she wants to show them.

This morning, I was sitting down having breakfast in the living room with her and mentioned something about Rachel, the baby that we're all waiting to have born in May.

Sophie suddenly went, "Rachel, you wait, OK, wait in the tummy," while showing her hand to the bump. She then ran off and came back trailing a bunch of leftover balloons (from Sarah's party over the weekend) that she proceeded to carefully drape over my tummy!

A few weeks back, when a set of newborn baby rompers that I had won on ebay finally arrived in the mail, after explaining to Sophie that they were meant for the baby, she then pushed up my T-shirt and tried to shove them into my belly, saying, "Give Rachel!"

I really pray she will be as loving and generous when Rachel finally arrives. I remember how we thought that Matthew was already very well prepared for Sarah's arrival, and yet he still suddenly came over and pushed her head far away from me while I was feeding her one time, declaring as he did so, "Don't need milk!"

Apart from my dismay at his jealousy, the other thing was that Sarah remained latched on the whole time she got pushed away so it was a nasty stretch and back for me. :P