Monday, February 01, 2010

Being Thankful

Matthew was given a Catechism class assignment: write down the things he's thankful for. He wasn't quite sure how to begin, so Sean asked him, "Well, what are the things that you're thankful for?"

Matt thought a while and said, "Wii?"

Sean replied, "OK... What are some things or people that if you didn't have them anymore, you would feel very sad? Say the TV. If you didn't have the TV anymore, would you be really very sad?"

"Ermm... not really."

"OK. What about Sophie?"

"Err... not really. She's quite naughty sometimes!"

"But if she wasn't around anymore, would you feel sad?"


"And Sarah?"


"Mommy and Daddy?"




"So, what are the things or people that you are thankful for?"

Matt thought a while. Then he said, "Wii?"