Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like Fish?

There's a beautiful pond at our church. Someone recently donated about a hundred young koi and they're lovely, swimming languidly around. Last Sunday we stood there, enjoying the view.

"Look Rachel, do you like the fish?" Sean asked.

Rachel watched them for a while. "Ya," she said. "I like eat fish."

Sunday, March 11, 2012


11am we all go to church for Sunday Mass.
12pm we go home and Sean goes to fetch his mom home from hospital.
1pm Father Mario comes to our place for lunch.
2pm Sean returns.
3pm Contractor Jeffrey comes to our place for a preliminary consultation; he and Fr Mario leave before
4pm when estate agent Serene arrives and we exercise our option to buy the flat we've been eyeing.
5pm Serene leaves and we start tidying and staging our place for yet another viewing at
6pm when our agent Elaine brings potential buyers round.
6:30 they're gone and we all go to my parents' place for dinner.
8:15 Elaine calls to say one of the earlier viewers wants to see our place again that very night so
8:30 we say bye bye and thank you for a lovely dinner to por por and ah kong, and get home at
9pm to receive Elaine and the buyer with their agent.
11pm they all leave, and our flat is (almost) sold.