Monday, September 25, 2006

Roll To Me

OK Sophie has taken the rolling thing beyond cute. She actually wakes up at 1am to practice. Every night. From quietly sleeping on her tummy, she'll make like a stranded beetle and wail until I settle her back onto her tummy again. She's supposed to be able to do it herself, but the cot is not infinitely wide and she can only roll one way, so when she ends up against the side, she's as good as stuck.

It's really ironic how anxious we all were to have Matt hit his milestones as early as possible, and now here I am, wearily plodding along behind Sophie as she zooms ahead.

Other news:
- my 3rd attempt at paper C coming up in 2 weeks' time.
- Matt and Sarah swap seats in the car so that each gets time up front between the parents. It's rather quieter this week since Matt's behind now and doesn't natter away nearly as much as when he's right beside us. Sarah and I have a little love thing going on where she strokes my face and I cuddle her back. I'm so glad we decided to swap. Poor girl has been getting neglected sitting all alone behind, on our way to school and work in the mornings. Thumbs up for the 3-in-a-row front seating configuration in the Honda Edix!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


It recently struck me that Singapore is getting rather like South Korea. High level of industrialisation, government-driven R&D, intense materialism, more plastic surgeries, lowest-common-denominator public entertainment... the similarities scream out. But South Korea also has snowy mountains and public protests, spiffy national costumes and Kimchi. What do we have? Mee Siam?

Anyway, the kids are off to school again. We enjoyed ourselves at the Bird Park last week, during their holidays. Matt and Sarah had a blast feeding bloody fish to the pelicans. Sophie was the best behaved of the lot, sitting/sleeping happily in her stroller all the while, except when it was time for her morning tea and lunch. She's four and one-third months old already, and very keen to roll over onto her tummy, beaming everytime.