Tuesday, August 28, 2007


If you haven't heard by now (if so I beat you to it by one entire day, haha), this thing is monstrous. I don't think I have the capacity to meet the intense pressure I feel to actively say hi to each and everyone that keeps getting added to my list! AAARGH!

I know I know, it merely keeps the channels open without anyone having to actually do anything beyond confirming a "friend?" request. But when I see someone get added and I don't go and say hi, it feels like I've just walked past them in the street and purposely avoided making eye contact. Too strange. Too rude?

Even weirder to be browsing people's open photo albums or profiles or whatever. Sure, they've made it public but it's so like rifling through someone's belongings. Even if they've given permission, I can't help feeling like I'm taking a liberty.

Anyway. Another instance of technology affecting how people interact. If this connectedness keeps up I'm going to need to go someplace without internet and mobile access soon. Speaking of which, my annual 3-day silent retreat is coming up so that will be a good breather from all this instant accessibility! My mom's coming with me, but it's a silent retreat so I can be as untalkative as I like. That's a lot harder than it sounds!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cannot Have

A cat, that is. We went and visited a breeder of Ragdoll cats on Sunday. They're absolutely beautiful creatures. I could go on but I haven't much inclination to blog right now so to put it simply, we're not going to get one. Doc says no, S says no, everyone says no. If I go ahead, it just means bad parenting. Sarah is quite allergic, who knows if Matt and Sophie will get sensitized with time? I'm prepared to deal with the discomfort myself but the kids don't have a choice. For a while I considered isolating Sarah from the cat but it won't be very feasible. I must say the disappointment was pretty severe. The kids were ok but I think I wept a little when I had lunch by myself yesterday. Not quite crying into my wanton mee but I know my heart broke. I felt somewhat better after buying a pair of shoes and a handbag at Charles & Keith later on. A new 22-inch flat panel monitor would probably help a bit also. What else... hmm...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

British Blue

If you're the sneezy, sniffly kind, your husband and kids the same (slightly asthmatic to boot), plus your mother-in-law who lives next door and visits everyday is allergic to cats, would you still go ahead and get a pet like this?

I need your views please!