Monday, April 07, 2008

Eat Clean!

I was having lunch with Matthew and Sarah at the dining table and we were all finishing up at about the same time.

Matthew took a mouthful and declared, "I've finished!"

I looked over at his bowl and saw food still scattered about inside. I told him,

"Matt, there's so much food left! Scoop it up and finish it all nicely. Kids, if you want your husband or your wife to look nice next time, you mustn't leave any bits behind. Otherwise next time your husband or your wife's face will be full of spots and holes. Is that nice?"

"No," they chorused.

Obediently, Matthew scraped together the last bits in his bowl. Suddenly, he asked,

"Mommy, you always finish everything, but how come Daddy's face is a bit like that?"


"Just a bit," he added.

"That's different, Matthew! Daddy's are chicken pox scars."

"I hope I won't be like that next time," Matthew said. "I don't want to be exactly like that," he grinned.

Poor Sean! He wasn't too pleased when I told him. Ha ha.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How does one celebrate?

Over the weekend I bought a pair of jeans from Giordano. I can't fit into any of my old ones anymore! Happily, they gave me a $20 voucher. So last night we thought we'd go to the mall to return the library books and use up the vouchers at the same time. There was a little polo dress I really fancied for Sarah.

After some time at the library where Sophie kept running away from me, thankfully silently in her rubber soled shoes on thick carpet but pulling books from the shelves (Argh!), we finally went and got the dress. SO cute. White terry cloth with a simple rainbow belt. Sarah called it a towel! We also picked up a groovy lightweight windbreaker for Matt to keep in his schoolbag - he gets cold in the train home.

As we were strapping the kids back into the car, it came to my mind what a family friend told us, that we should celebrate happy events like promotions and raises as a family, highlighting to the kids the importance of hard work etc. I recalled that Sean just had his salary adjustment announced. So, to sort of justify my spending spree, I told the kids, "Y'know, Daddy got a raise at work, so this is a way of celebrating."

Matt asked quizzically, "Buy more clothes?"