Friday, September 11, 2009

Not-nice Ribena

Overheard, Sarah telling her grandmother:

"Mah-mah, do you know how to make not-nice Ribena?
First, you pour some Ribena.
Then, you add water until it's just nice.
Then, you keep adding more and more water."

Dogs and Frogs

The kids have a penchant for asking for the same song over and over again in the car.

Sophie was doing this one day when her current favourite ended and she immediately asked, "Daddy, please may I have 'Hot Jumping Sausage'?"

After our laughter had died down, Sean told Sophie the proper name of the song. Trying again, she said, "Daddy, please may I have 'King of Rocks'?"

More peals of laughter from the two older ones. I took matters into my own hands, slowly telling her each word of the title.

Sophie said, very carefully, "Daddy, please may I have 'King, and, Rock, of, Roll'?"

And they all join in loudly at the chorus, Sarah especially liking to sing, "Al, ber, TURKEY!"

No prizes for guessing the correct song title and first line of the chorus!

Friday, September 04, 2009


"Mummy, Sophie beat me! She beat my back!"

"Sophie, did you beat jie jie? You don't beat jie jie! Say 'sorry'!"

Sophie's reply: "I said 'sorry' when I was beating her!"

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The cow is resurrected. This time with the all-powerful Avent double electric pump, thanks to SIL.

The usual stressors arise: How's today's yield? How much time do I have before needing to feed/express? Should baby get formula supplements? IS SHE GETTING ENOUGH TO EAT????

Answer to the last question is of course a big resounding "NO!" according to both grandmothers. "Not growing!" "Not enough!" "Must give her more!"

Luckily, doctor is satisfied. And so the can of formula remains on standby, unopened. (Although I know my mom is just dying to take a knife to the foil seal and shake up 8 oz bottles à la Tom Cruise in ''Cocktail''.)

The trouble with supplementing is that it's not guaranteed entirely harmless. OK, harmless to baby, but potentially harmful to mom's supply. Baby is given formula, baby feeds less from mom, mom's supply drops, baby needs more formula, baby feeds even less from mom, mom's supply drops further... From past experience, a week of this can wipe supply out entirely.

Considering that Rachel has three older sublings bringing home germs that they lovingly rub into her hair and hands on a daily basis while cooing "Rachel! Rachel!" in funny high-pitched voices, germs as well as crumbs and other manner of sticky comestibles, thank you Sophie, Rachel seriously needs all the immunity she can get. As well as a thorough shampooing and washing up in her inflatable bath tub at bedtime every night, of course.