Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Ever After

So Rachel is now one. I thank God for all that has transpired this year.

Despite the NF1, or perhaps because of it, I believe we're overall happier than before. Now, nothing can happen to us that could be really bad. Even if it's anything conventionally viewed as terrible, it's all just part of life. Love carries on. We have every good thing we could possibly need. Anything else is a bonus!

The little baby is such a happy, sweet-tempered child. She crawls, claps, laughs, waves bye-bye. Loves chewing paper and cardboard. At one time I was sad that I might never find her the cutest baby in the world, because of the distortion caused by NF1, but I found myself recently unexpectedly asking S if he didn't think so!

We got her a little cake covered with pink chocolate shavings, and decorated with plastic toys like a Spider-Man figurine, a Miffy figurine, a coconut tree, a hot-pink flower with leaves, a strawberry, a gooseberry. Haha! It was so random, and tasted really good! Sophie went strictly for the shavings while the older kids disdained them in favour of the chocolate sponge. Rachel also had some of the chocolate sponge, and then went on promptly to her bedtime routine. She even managed to say "pome-pome," when we got her to try! Our little darling. So loved. I hope not "so spoilt" too, when she gets older.