Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Things Come In Threes

Yes, Rachel's turn. Or, at least, she used to do it at least once a week until we found the solution. More about that in a minute.

Like her sisters did before her, this girl played with the contents of her diaper when she woke up from a nap in her cot. Not only that, she's a real Houdini, capable of escaping from all her different types of clothes, no matter how hard we tried to prevent her having access to her diaper. No use pulling on a pair of pyjama pants over her bodysuit cos she would manage to pull it off, she even managed to wriggle out of a zipped up wearable blanket that they're not supposed to be able to get out of! Wasted my fifty-over bucks getting that thing!

Until I saw the solution, hanging at a pushcart selling baby clothes at one of the MRT station malls. Simple - instead of putting on the pyjama pants after the bodysuit, put the pants on first before snapping the bodysuit over and outside the pants. This way, she can't pull the pants off!

Problem solved. No more poo-smeared cot and baby. HUGE sigh of relief.

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justpassingby said...

Lu, I think it must be in the genes somewhere! How is it each one of your kids did that?! Thankfully we don't seem to have that particular "let's explore what's in my diaper" gene here... :p