Friday, August 19, 2011

Look Ma No Hands!

Rachel is finally walking independently, really and truly! Yay!

I'm so glad. I was starting to think she would never be able to go to kindergarten because she wouldn't walk by herself.

She's a little parrot these days, quite accurately repeating new words and other random exclamations anyone makes, especially the loud ones. Curiously, some words that she learned long ago, she's stuck in baby babble phase. "Barney" is still "Ah-Ee." All attempts at correction have so far been futile. But she has no problem saying "iPad." She refers to it as the "Ah-ha-ha" though, because we caught a short clip of her laughing like that using the video function and it just cracks everyone up when it is played over and over again quickly in a very silly way.

Rachel also loves to dance, or rather, be danced. When she hears or sees something that reminds her of music and dancing, she will call out, "Mummy, dah!" and won't be satisfied until I pick her up and dance her around the room. And she must hold on to my thumb, not any other way of holding hands. This one has quite a mind of her own.

On another note, her doctor told us that there is another child having a similar condition, and we are going to meet the other family this weekend to share how Rachel has been doing on the weekly Peg Intron.

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Lace Marie Williams-Tinajero, Ph.D. in Theology said...

My name is Lace Marie, and you just found my blog post on my son "To Save or to Pull?" Like Sarah, my son Tito has NF1. Thank you for connecting with me. That's great Rachel started to walk!! Tito walked finally at age 2. I'm writing a book on what it's been like parenting a child with NF1. If you are interested, I'd love to hear your story on how you've managed all the fear around it. Warmly, Lace Marie