Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nighty Night!

Last weekend we started letting Rachel sleep out of her cot at night, on the mattress on the floor beside the bunk bed with the older girls. She's doing good! No getting up and walking around in the dark. And so far all fine healthwise, talking a lot and very demanding, telling me things like "Don't eat your dinner!" while trying to drag me away from the dining table because she wants me to play with her.

 S's off to Bangkok this week for a few days. And again next week. The hardest part I find is having the two older girls taking turns to sleep with me at night when he's away. It's all that getting kicked and smacked by flailing limbs in the middle of the night. Sarah is especially bad! I don't know how co-sleeping parents do it. I get very bleary eyed and grouchy after a few days of it.

Matt's back to having the middle room to himself at nights, where the cot remains for Rachel's daytime naps. We'll keep his arrangement in the new place, assigning Matt the smallest room so that when Rachel is napping in there in the afternoons, she blocks out minimal precious real estate.

We get the keys 3 July! Can't wait! And presently agonizing over window treatments... argh... can't decide!!

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