Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Poor boy. He is nearly a year old already and I have not yet written about his birth! Suffice to say, epidural rocks! Oh, and he was born on Wednesday 22 May 2013 at about 4 something am. (IIRC)

The day before that, I had taken leave for Rachel's dressing change under general anaesthesia, which was happening about once a week as this was shortly after her major operation to remove the bulk of her plexiform tumour. More about that another time. Well, I had been feeling mild contractions since that morning, that were slowly getting more regular as the day progressed, while I was at KKH with Rachel.

We finally went to the birthing hospital (Thomson Medical Centre) that night at about 11pm. After around an hour or so, I decided to take the plunge to give epidural a try. I asked for Dr Yvonne Lim, who was in NCC with me back in secondary school. She came quite promptly, and very quickly set up the epidural what-not and I was soon lying back in extreme comfort compared to the labours of the previous four kids.

A Dr Benjamin Tham delivered Andrew naturally when the time came, since my doctor Paul Tseng was away. After Andrew's head popped out, I had to push again to get his shoulders through. He weighed 3.46kg, about 300g heavier than expected. For some reason they all turn out larger then estimated. Dr Tham was going to discharge me that same day since I was all fine, no stitches needed, but I stayed two nights anyway, to just chill and get in as much pampering and sleep as I could before we got home and the fun began. And that was that!

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