Monday, June 16, 2014

"In My Heart"

Rachel developed Kawasaki Disease a few months back, and that means having to have heart scans to make sure that there's no aneurysm of the coronary blood vessels. Apparently that happens, but luckily hers have been just within the acceptable range so far.

At her last scan, the screen was visible to her and she was looking intently at the black and white fuzzy images while the technician was moving the handpiece over her chest.

We were all watching when she suddenly asked, "Where's Jesus?"

Nobody knew what she was talking about.

Slowly, it dawned on me that she was looking for Jesus because we have always been telling her that Jesus is in her heart, and prior to the scan, I had explained to her that the ultrasound is to see inside her heart and check that everything is alright!

Bless the little one.

We did see a pulsating image that looked like a figure jumping up and down, so I told her that was him and she was very tickled. I'm convinced it was, too.

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