Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scary ice-cream flavours

We were at Swensen’s choosing ice cream flavours from the dessert menu when Sarah cried, “I want the purple one!”

“Ugh, that’s yam ice-cream, it’s disgusting,” I shuddered.

Matthew asked, “Why is it disgusting? What is yam?”

Sean gave me a look.

“OK it’s not really disgusting. I just don’t like it. Yam is a vegetable, like a potato. But it’s purple inside. And it’s sweet.”

Matthew gave me a disgusted look. Haha!

Eventually we got our order and were happily helping ourselves when Matthew suddenly said, “Imagine broccoli ice-cream! Haha! That’s disgusting!”

“Or prawn ice-cream!” I said.

“Yucks! How about carrot ice-cream?!” Matthew laughed.

“Chicken ice-cream!” I added.

Sarah piped up, “Or baby ice-cream!”

Friday, October 26, 2007


"Mommy, why does Kimi make us sick?" Matthew asked.

"Kimi has germs!" Sarah swiftly answered.

I replied, "Everyone has germs. You all are allergic to his saliva particles. He has saliva right, and when it dries and floats into the air and settles on your nose or eyes, it makes them red and watery."

"Oh, we are allergic to the cat?"

"Yes, but when you get used to it your body will stop reacting like that."

"Ya, our white blood cells will know what to do."

"Er, it's not really the white blood cells, but your body won't get triggered by the saliva particles anymore. Anyway different people are allergic to different things. Some people are allergic to some types of food, some people are allergic to flowers..."

Sean added, "Ya, I'm allergic to smoke, you know, cigarette smoke."

I put in, "And I'm allergic to beer."

Sarah declared, "I'm allergic to fire!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matt Reads

As we were waiting for the traffic lights to change, Matthew told us, "That way goes to the Punggol doctor."

"What Punggol doctor, Matt?"

"There, the sign says Punggol doctor is that way."

Puzzled, I looked around for what sign he could be talking about. And then I saw what he meant.

Right by the traffic light was a green street sign with an arrow pointing to the left and written on it in big white letters were the words:
Punggol Dr

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Don't follow strangers!

As we were talking in the car on the way to school, Matt said, "If strangers say 'follow me and I'll give you a sweet', you mustn't do that! Don't listen to them."

"Whey shouldn't you follow strangers, Matthew?" I tested.

"Because they might put you on a chair and tie you up."